Is Spray Foam Insulation the Best Choice?

When it comes to insulation, spray foam is usually the product of choice. Many builders and homeowners opt for it because it completely fills spaces and creates an effective seal. These are very important features of insulation. Spray foam insulation serves as barriers to all cavities and crevices, thus effectively enveloping the whole structure.

Spray Foam Insulation

This type of insulation is highly recommended to homeowners located in areas where winters can get frigid. A popular product brand Icynene, which can be used in all parts of the house, including attic spaces. To install such insulation, the contractor has to be fully protected from head to toe. They should also a breathing apparatus which allows them to take in air while filtering the foam that mixed with it.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation installation is a task that should be done by experts. It’s not recommended that you make this a do-it-yourself project as it quite dangerous. A spray foam insulation contractor should wear protective gear to keep away the hazardous chemicals found in polyurethane foams.

Concerns about the safety of spray foam insulation always call for a debate. There are people who claim that the insulation can still affect one’s health after it has been installed. However, there are no ill effects noted by most, which means it all boils down to the proper installation process. Even environmental health experts say that the long-term effect of a well-installed spray foam insulation needs more research to accurately determine if it is detrimental to one’s health.

Some Possible Issues

Aside from improper installation, one of the biggest concerns of people who want to install spray foam insulation is the fact that it can be tough to remove. Compared to a fiberglass batt, spray foam insulation is rather sticky. If you want it removed for whatever reason, you’ll damage your walls. That means there’s going to be a lot to repair after you’re done stripping it out. Think of spray foam insulation as a semi-permanent addition to your home.

Another concern is that spray foam insulation is a fire hazard. Its material, along with its chemical content, can adequately burn in a fire. The fumes produced are highly toxic as well. There are also cases where improper installation of this insulation has caused a fire.

Should You Opt for Spray Foam Insulation?

The choice whether you should choose spray foam insulation or any other type of insulation for your home should be patterned to your needs. Consider all the pros and cons of this type of insulation and decide for yourself whether it’s the right one for you. If you need help with that, there are experts in spray foam insulation Cincinnati who can help you out. Their inputs matter when making a choice.

To ensure that you’re protecting your best interest, consult with several reputable service providers near you. Ask them about spray foam insulation and the other possible options that you have. Compare all data that you have collected, as well as the cost of installation of each. That’s how you’ll arrive at the right decision.