Importance of Cleaning Your Upholstery Regularly

Upholstery-like leather furniture are definitely great investments which instantly make your living spaces more functional and stylish. Even though most upholstery is simple to clean, a professional and highly reputable upholstery cleaning service provider may be necessary in any given period. The following are some of the importance of cleaning your upholstery in a regular manner:

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture comes in different colors, sizes as well as shapes but every one of them is usually labeled with a cleaning tag. As a matter of fact, these cleaning tags are often found at the bottom or back of an upholstered furniture, containing 1 or 2 letters. The letter/s signify the kind of cleaning agent which should be used to carefully clean the material of the upholstery without damaging it. With the wrong cleaning agent can definitely cause discoloration, damage and stains to your upholstery, and therefore, it is very essential that you check for the cleaning tag first prior to applying any kind of cleaning chemical or solution on your upholstered furniture.

Cleaning tags are classified into 4 types: S, W, SW/WS and X.

S – This tag means only solvent-based cleaning agents should be used for cleaning the furniture. These solvent-based cleaning agents include toluene, glycerin, acetone, and alcohol. Aside from that, solvent-based cleaning agents have a greater surface tension compared to water-based cleaning solutions and thus, don’t form droplets of water on the surface and then evaporate very fast. Water-based cleaning solution, on the other hand, must not be used on the furniture since it may only leave stains or watermarks on the material.

W – This tag means the furniture should only be cleaned with a water-based cleaning agent. Baking soda solutions, detergents, and liquid soaps work well with this type of furniture. It is very safe to clean your furniture using water-based cleaning agents or water.

SW/WS – This means both solvent-based and water-based cleaning agents may be used on your furniture. But this might also mean that your furniture is requiring to be handled by a professional upholstery cleaning service provider because the cleaning methods for SW/WS cleaning tag can be a little more complicated even if the furniture tolerates both solvent-based and water-based cleaning solutions.

X – An X tag means that neither solvent-based nor water-based cleaning products may be safe for your furniture. The type of material needs a certain kind of upholstery cleaning product which only professional and skilled upholstery cleaning contractors can give. In addition to that, an X cleaning tag furniture definitely needs the expertise, knowledge, skills and experience of a professional upholstery cleaning service provider.

Professional upholstery cleaning service providers have the right knowledge, tools, skills and years of experience in the industry that is the reason why hiring them is not a waste of money and time. Having them on your upholstery cleaning project can give you a very satisfying outcome. Aside from that, a professional and well-established upholstery cleaning company also offer the latest equipment and tools with highly trained upholstery cleaning contractors.