10 Tips for a Great Travel Video or Photos

When you’re a person who loves travelling, somehow you want to commemorate your time there by taking as much photo as you can. You want to remember the time that you have in a place where you spend most of your time with. So, it is important that you should take photos or have videos of places you go to.

Nowadays, it is normal for you to see people bringing cameras and filming themselves. It is also very normal for you to see people taking pictures or filming and doing aerial filming around the place. It kinda feels like an extension of you, you have to have pictures or films. If not, it kind feels like it didn’t happen no matter how awesome it was.

Great Travel Video


It is a good idea to have a few techniques or style in your mind that you can try out during your trips. It would help you understand certain aspect of the thing; it could help create a space to play with. It would make for you taking great travel videos and photos. It can help you differentiate which ones to take photos of and not.


Find out what works for you before your trip. Don’t let it be just a thing that you do when you are on site. You will waste unnecessary time in your precious time there and you might not get the right shot at the end and waste it all in all.


It is easier for you to look for the things to shoot or take a pic if you have a story to play with. If you have that, it becomes easier to deal with. It’s like interior designing with a theme in mind. You would likely avoid the overshooting if you know what you like in mind. It could be a great thing to have all in all.


While it’s nice to take a pic of yourself in a new place, it would be even more awesome if it’s about the place more than yourself. Find the perfect balance between the two but also do not overshadow each scenery with your face plastered on it. Take the time to enjoy the place and don’t behind your camera lens more times than you can count.


When taking pics or videos, try to diversify each shot. Don’t always stay within the rules, look for something unique, clever or smart in a shot and then go for that. It could be a fun thing to have. Take close ups, motions and what other things. Don’t always stay within the lines, it would become to monotone the longer it stays like that.

Taking the time to make an effort with your captured memories and other whatnot can make into a great memory for you. However, don’t forget to experience the place, enjoy the present and while immortalizing a memory is great if you don’t have the feeling to go with it. It could be a waste.


The Different Types Of Water Damage

Water damage in San Antonio does happen often, and this urges a lot of people to request for water damage restoration to have their home repaired. However, I believe that people shouldn’t just rely on repairing the damages done, because there is a more important aspect that must be done highlighted when it comes to floods, and that is the health of a person. There are different types of water damages because floods result from a lot of water sources, not necessarily just rain water. These types also have different effects on the health of humans, and you must be aware of what type of water damage you are dealing with, and how you can stay safe.

Water Damage

The first type will be clean water damage, and this comes from a flood that is not caused by excessive rain. This usually happens when there is a serious plumbing problem, and the constant release of water is enough for water levels to rise quickly inside your home. It is called clean water because unlike the rain water; it is usually free from deadly bacteria that can give many types of diseases. So it will be safe to walk in. However, it will be essential that you try to get the flooding to stop as well as dry and clean your home right away. The reason behind this is because the clean water will be essential for the growth of molds, and they could sprout out in all corners of your home.

The next type will be the dirty water damage, and the water content will be filled with bacteria and microorganisms that could give you more than one deadly disease. This often originates from flood water, and since there are a lot of different foreign objects that are marinated in this water, there are a lot of different bacteria present. Another origin for this type of water will be sewer originated, and it comes out from your showers and toilets. It will be best to be covered up properly, try to avoid contact at all times by wearing heavy duty boots and gloves. You will need a thorough cleanse of your room after this kind of flood because the bacteria tend to stay behind even if the water levels have died down.

Black water is easily the grossest and most dangerous type of water damage you can experience, because not only do you have to deal with bacteria and microorganisms, but there is a mixture of chemical and human waste as well. This often occurs from the sewage systems, but this doesn’t get too high water levels as floods do, but the dangers are a lot more severe. When this happens, it will be best to call a professional who has the right safety tools and protective gear to try and fix the problem without risking their health.

There is no lesser evil when it comes to the type of water damage, they all can harm you one way or another. It will be important to take precautionary steps when you are dealing with floods and water damage, and not risk getting any diseases.